Why Wi-Fi ​Knowledge Summit?

The rapid proliferation of Wi-Fi technology across the world has given rise to active communities of WiFi practitioners and enthusiasts. Examples include, WLPC (www.wlanpros.com) and CWNP (www.cwnp.com) amongst many others. These forums enable sharing of practical experiences of various technical and related issues in the Wi-Fi domain. This exchange of ideas not only helps develop best practices for WiFi planning, deployment and optimization but also generates ideas for product innovation.

WiFi Knowledge Summit (WiFi-KS) is an initiative to create a similar community in this part of the world (starting with India). A series of summits are planned in different regions over the next few months to reach out to as many people as possible and cover a broad spectrum of topics. These events will address different WiFi-related themes to suit the place and audience.

We hope that all this will lead to a vibrant community of Wi-Fi enthusiasts who will contribute to the development of a joint knowledge base to benefit the entire WiFi ecosystem.

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